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The Diet Vegetarian Plan -Day 1

This Diet Plan includes the intake of fruits, vegetables and starch. To prepare yourself for the vegetarian GM diet plan, you need to avoid alcohol for a few days. Especially in the time of the diet schedule and before it. This is a very important tip you need to follow. Alcohol increases the uric acid in the body, which leads to water retention. This blocks the natural detoxifying process from taking place.

It is also very essential that you drink up to 10 glasses of water everyday. As you will not be consuming the same amount of carbohydrates which you normally do. Water will be your main source of energy for the whole day. It will also boost your metabolism and remove the unwanted pounds from the body, naturally. In case you have already tried this diet plan, it is better to take a break for 2 to 3 days before you resume the diet again. This will help the body to adjust to the new method of nutritional intake, which will also relieve your body from any kind of anxiety. Here is what you have to do for the 7 days of your Diet Plan.

Day 1:

Being the first day, it is always the hardest. Try to keep yourself away from all kinds of cravings as you will be consuming only fruits. You can consume all the fruits, excluding grapes, bananas, litchi and mangoes. You can have them in any quantity you like. It is suggested that you consume more watermelon, lime, oranges, apples, pomegranates, strawberries and melons. You can eat 20 times a day, but you should eat only fruits.

This is the way of preparing your body for the upcoming days. The only source of nutrition is from the fruits, they provide you will all that you need for your body. If you prefer to cut them up and eat, its great but make sure you aren’t adding anything else to it. Its just a ‘pure fruit for me’ day! If you can limit your fruit intake to only melons, your have a good chance of losing 3 pounds on your first day.
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